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Osteopathic Vision, LLC

Dr. Charles Beck, D.O. is International Osteopathic Instructor and former Assistant Professor of Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine of Touro University, California, USA.

Dr. Beck is excellently skilled in osteopathic diagnostics. Besides standard procedures he uses unique approach, developed by Professor Edward G. Stiles, called Screening for Area of Greatest Restriction and Sequencing.

Dr. Beck teaches classes on Advanced Palpation, Sequencing and Functional
Techniques, Introduction to Osteopathy in Cranial Field, Advanced Muscle Energy Techniques.

Our Osteopathic Community greatly respects Dr. Beck for his excellent seminars, brilliant mind, personal integrity and great devotion to the cause of Osteopathy.

He is Founder of "Osteopathic Vision, LLC".

"My name is Charlie Beck and I practice and teach as an osteopathic physician all over the world. Teaching Osteopathy and making friends around the world...  One of the missions of Osteopathic Vision."


 The John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy

"It is always necessary to preserve what many of us feel to be genuine osteopathy there is always an outside pressure on osteopathy which, if we react to it rightly, is perhaps a good thing. But there is also an original osteopathic idea which is different from the medical idea, and different specifically from the orthopaedic idea." Members are elected to meet for research and discussion with a view to preserving the original concept of osteopathy, particularly as it was taught by Dr. J. M. Littlejohn.


Bill Parravano is an Ortho-Bionomy Instructor and an Advanced Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Bill’s unique understanding of the human dynamic from a Martial Arts perspective allows him to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to this craft. He is dedicated to increasing the awareness and benefits of Ortho-Bionomy in the international public.


Antoine Feliksik is highly skilled osteopath and Emotional Freedom Technique Instructor in Haag, Netherlands. He is fluent in several European languages and understands Russian. But what the most important, he is able to recognize the language of suffering heart and soul and help them using EFT.


Dr. N. Rowan Richards, D.C., is one of the unique specialists and teachers in the world. She devoted her life to study of NVD reflexes and their use in clinical practice. Her menthor was Dr. Ralph Martin, D.C., President of the Los-Angeles College of Chiropractics. Being outstanding clinician and practitioner she uses this gentle and powerful approach to treat many serious conditions in her clinical practice. As well for many years she passes this precious knowledge to other physicians.


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